Media Categories 1.5 Released

Last week I finally released Media Categories 1.5, but I neglected to write a post about it. Most of the UI issues have been resolved with the Media Modal, however due tot time constraints I could only ensure the plugins compatibility as far  back as WordPress 3.3. It doesn’t break the site earlier than that, but selected taxonomy terms dont save properly. As of now, I have no plans to extend support to 3.2.x or before.

I do intend however on adding a few more features that I think are missing from WordPress 3.5 as soon as I have the time. The most obvious of which I will also try to get committed to core. Said enhancements include:

  • Fixing the counter on the right of the attachment table – its supposed to indicate the number of media items per category but it does not count accurately.
  • Adding a taxonomy filter to the attachments page – for most post types with a taxonomy enabled, the post types admin page shows a ‘View all categories’ drop down. This is missing from media in WordPress 3.5. I would also try to work some similar filtering ability into the Media Modal.
  • There seem to still be some UI issues in the Media Modal when multiple taxonomies are assigned to a post type.
  • I may create an admin interface in the settings area to allow admins to simply check from a list of checkboxes, which taxonomies (of all available taxonomies) they would like to enable for media.
  • I may also include some simple functions for retrieving attachments by taxonomy. Although these would essentially be a simple wrappers of WP_Query or one of its wrapper functions, I believe it would serve as an example to developers on how to get started.

Take a look at how great attachments with taxonomies look in WordPress 3.5 by downloading Media Categories 1.5. Look out for some of these improvements I mentioned above in the next version, Media Categories 1.6.

One additional note: At some point in the near future I will update the plugins pages on this site,… I promise. However, please understand that the pages on this site are meant to contain the same information as the WordPress plugin repository does, mostly in the ‘Other Notes’ tab.

4 Comments on “Media Categories 1.5 Released”

  1. Rob says:

    Hey mate thanks for your great plugin! I’m wondering if you are thinking of adding a dynamic filter-by-category tool in the WP media modal window by any chance? That’d be cool. 🙂

    • eddiemoya says:

      Adding a filter to that page is something I’ve considered doing in the future, but its down the line a bit. If you’ll notice, there is also no filter on the actual media taxonomy page – I’ll want to add that first along with several other small features.

      Thanks for the suggestion, its definitely on the roadmap for this plugin.

  2. roblincolne says:

    Hey mate love the plugin thanks heaps. Wondering if you’re thinking of adding a dynamic filter for the WP media modal window for the categories? 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    This is great plugin. I just wish I could apply categories to multiple media items using the “Bulk Actions” menu!

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