Media Categories 1.3

On the heals of release of Media Categories 1.2, which added Gallery Shortcode support, I’m releasing Media Categories 1.3 which allows developers to change which taxonomy is being used. If you’re not a developer, this update won’t be of much use to you, as you won’t be able to write the necessary code to change the taxonomy. Thats not the case if you happen to be a developer making use of this plugin.

Developers can use the new ‘mc_taxonomy’ filter to change the taxonomy very easily. Take a look here, as I use this filter to change the plugin so that it used the Tags taxonomy rather than Categories.

add_filter('mc_taxonomy', 'mc_filter_taxonomy');
function mc_filter_taxonomy(){
return 'post_tag';

Of course, your free to use any Taxonomy, including Custom Taxonomies. So that sort of means this plugin is no longer really ‘Media Categories’, but rather ‘Media Taxonomies’ would be more appropriate.

Please report any bugs you find with this. There are plenty if ways that people configure their custom taxonomies and some bugs may crop up under certain circumstances. If they do, please report it here or in the WordPress plugin directory  forum for this plugin.

As a final note, I’d like to point out that just like the Gallery Shortcode feature in Media Categories 1.2, this new feature in 1.3 was suggested by a developer in the WordPress Plugin Directory forum for this plugin. I value the feedback I get from other developers and users, and so far I’ve received pretty much all positive, constructive feedback. Thanks to all.


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