Plugin Update: Simple Hook Widget 2.0

Download Simple Hook Widget from the WordPress Plugin Repository

The Simple Hook Widget just got a little bit less simple.

Since I released this originally, it seems people have a hard time understanding what this plugin could possibly be good for. I can understand that given the vague nature of it being a  plugin for hooks.

Additionally, there is a signficant security problem in having this plugin turned on for a server where other non-developers have access to the widgets panel – primarily thats because this plugin lets you do ANYTHING !! Including the use of hooks that are part of core, and could cause serious problems if they are run at the wrong time (such as in the sidebar.

This update introduces the ability for developers to provide an array of hooks, and have those hooks show up as a drop down menu in the widget. Additionally, there is another hook which allows for a default value for that hook.

There is also a complete example packaged with this plugin, for how to setup your own list of hooks, how to set a default, and an exceedingly simple example of how to actually do something with a chosen hook.

Have fun, and please please please be CAREFUL using this plugin.

Download Simple Hook Widget from the WordPress Plugin Repository

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